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Drawing & Capturing Everyone’s Attention Was Never This Easy!

First impressions last. And for a business, it is extremely important to make a memorable first impression so that people remember you. But how to do it, in a market that is so crowded with brands and advertisers trying to one-up each other all the time?

It’s EASY with Eazay! We offer the best in class custom signage and marketing materials for businesses of all sizes and industries, to fulfill their indoor & outdoor visibility needs at unmatchable prices.


One of the best ways to remain in people’s memories is by being visible, literally EVERYWHERE! Because at Eazay, we believe that visibility matters. And we at Eazay ensure that your brand makes a splash with its logos, taglines, and information with sharp visuals and colours on banners, flags, stationery, and the numerous articles of marketing that can be a medium to connect with your customers directly.
One of the biggest reasons why small and mid-range businesses are unable to increase their sales and reach is because they fear they might have to break bank in order to get decent marketing and visibility of their products and services. But with Eazay by the side, business owners can get the eye-catching signage they always wanted for their outlets, event planners can organize trade shows and fairs better with visually pleasing banners, flags and backdrops, while marketing executives can strategize wide-reaching business development plans with cost effective marketing materials and branding articles.
From trade show essentials like flags, suspended banners, canopies, backdrops, to indoor signages like for branding and advertising table covers, decals and various other marketing materials of all sizes, we have it all.

Unbeatable prices for top quality products

Customization as per the brand’s requirement

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21 Years’ Experience

Our founder Jigar Rashtrapal started Eazay with a vast experience in the signages industry. He brought together the best brains in branding, marketing, advertising and design to form a company that provides businesses everything it needs to be visible and relevant in the market.

Together, with our knowledge of marketing and advertising operations of the numerous industries, we have created products that touch upon all the aspects of branding and marketing a business needs, whether it is something as simple as an official letterhead, a car sticker, a printed t-shirt to something large scale like backdrop banners, billboard banners, heavy-duty banners and banner stands of all sizes.

What makes us stand out is the customization in products and design we offer to our clients without charging them a bomb for it. We also have an online free design tool where businesses can design their own logos and artwork for their signages.

A global company needs to have its reach in literally every continent, which is something Eazay is proud about. While we are headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada with a major production facility in Edison, New Jersey, we have partnered with and established printing and production facilities all around the world in major business hub countries, to ensure that your signage reaches your destination well in time for the big launch, exhibition or sale. For us, every customer is a priority and hence our focus is to provide premium products, at pocket friendly prices, delivered to your doorstep anywhere in the world within the time frame you choose, because we understand the time sensitiveness of businesses and its visibility.

The Man Who Started It All!

About The Founder

The pandemic hit almost every industry hard and branding and marketing became a luxury for many small businesses. But to survive and thrive, it is important to be visible. This is when Jigar Rashtrapal, a young businessman came up with the idea of creating an eCommerce platform that solely served and fulfilled all the branding and visibility needs of businesses at prices that do not pinch their pockets.
And thus Eazay was born in 2020, right in the midst of a global pandemic, to ensure the business community continues to hustle and reach out to its consumers and customers without worrying about costs.
Coming from a business family that has been in the branding and advertising industry for the past 21 years, Jigar knew the nitty-gritty of this business. And before starting Eazay, Jigar had already gained a formidable experience of branding for trade shows working with international brands for their exhibitions in the US, Europe, and the Middle East right after his graduation.
Jigar admires English business magnate Sir Richard Branson and his business style, which inspired him to start his venture on a global scale. When not working and hustling, Jigar loves a good round of golf or catches up on his reading. He’s also an avid traveller and hikes regularly.

Mr. Jigar Rashtrapal

Founder & CEO

Why Eazay?

Getting your signage or branding material made with us is as easy as online shopping. All you’ve got to do is pick your product, add the customization you need, upload your artwork or get professional assistance from our designers.

You can also customize your designs using the numerous templates available on our free online design tool.

We know, one might wonder how is it possible for us to provide the finest quality products at prices that are way lower than the market rate. It is because we research, plan and understand the visibility needs of businesses of all sizes. We procure and stock all our production materials at our facilities all over the world, well in advance. As a result, valuable time is saved and utilized productively in the manufacturing and delivery, which would have been instead wasted while going through the painful process of selecting, procuring and transporting raw materials individually for every order. And since we save a lot on the cost front too, we believe in passing on the benefits to our valuable customers too. Because it’s the right thing to do, be honest and grow together.

We ship all over the world. With our seamless logistics network, no matter which part of the world your business is and however big your event is, we deliver safely and on time.

We are everywhere!

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Reach out far and wide with the best business and brand visibility products

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With 21+ years of experience, we know what the industry wants and needs for advertising.

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We offer the lowest prices for the finest quality signage products for your business promotion.

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We offer free delivery of your products on all orders above $99 on priority.

Free Design Tool

Design your own signage with your brand logo and images using our free to use design tool.