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How to amplify your marketing game with a banner ahead of Christmas

How to amplify your marketing game with a banner ahead of Christmas

2020 has been one difficult year. With Christmas a little more than a month away, we can’t wait to end the year on a rather merry manner. While you let the lights take away your woes, this is also a good time for business owners to amp up their last-minute Christmas sales. Wondering how?

Banner it up

Some good old things are never out of fashion. Like those big banners announcing the tempting flash sales or the lip-smacking Christmas menu. Whatever your business be, put the most lucrative offers out there near your store, workshop, business centre or workplace.

The TB Spot

Does that term theoretically even exist? Never mind. Here’s what we mean. If you are eyeing a denser group of potential customers, choose place that has solid footfall of your target buyers. Selling uber cool Halloween costumes? Don’t forget to place your banner outside places that host the coolest Halloween parties in town. Think you bake the best Christmas cookies? Flood the city bakeries with your banners, of course. Think you’ve a grand deal on Christmas special banners for the local church? Don’t miss the Sunday morning gathering. If you have a Thanksgiving Day special day sale going on your merchandise brand, you can’t miss out on blocking a few spots outside the leading shopping malls in your city.

Teaser banner

Think you got something way too cool to offer? Why not stick around a couple of one liner banners here and there before you reveal your business, to tickle people’s attention? Teasers are an ‘in’ thing in marketing these days. Try, and you won’t regret.

Play around

With the theme of your banner, we mean. The good thing about a banner is that it allows you to incorporate visual elements and experiment with them, without burning a hole in the pocket. If Santa Clause distributing candies sounds like an overdone marketing idea (which it probably is), it’s time to think out of the box.

Your banner is a steady companion

The best thing about using a banner is the fact that it is reusable, and hence, sustainable. It is a good idea to not mention date-bound elements. For example, go for ‘Happy New Year’ instead of ‘Happy New Year 2021’, and you won’t need a new banner next year.

Come up with the best offer

Well, obviously. Nothing is more seductive than getting our hands on stuff we love, for a lesser price. There’s a reason why End of Year sales exist, after all. Use your banner to flash the most exciting part of your deals, and you are sure to grab eyeballs.

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